How Can You Help?

Dinner Party- Host a private fundraising dinner party for friends and colleagues and use it as a chance to tell them about a cause that is important to you.  We will gladly supply you with brochures and a video about Hope for Gus.

Coordinate a Fundraiser!! We put on several fundraisers a year, but wish we could do more!  Are you organized and ambitious?  Do you want to help your kids learn more about giving back?  Plan a 5k, a walk, an art night, a ski event, ANYTHING you can think of that will raise money and awareness!  We will support you in any way we can and will especially bring Gus to the event!!!

Individual Challenges (or “piggy-backing on other events!)  Very effective and popular option!

You decide to run a 5k, do an Adventure Race, or climb a mountain….and you want to support Hope for Gus at the same time. It’s as easy as sending out an email or letter to all of your contacts (we can help you create this) with info about HFG, your challenge, and why you want to do it. You ask people if they would be willing to donate to the foundation in support of your challenge and give them the link (or mailing address) to do so. We keep track of who donates in your name and also present you with a package of HFG goodies, including a performance t-shirt with our logo, water bottle, bracelet and button, and other fun merchandise! We will also feature you on our website and newsletter (if you wish).

Ask Kids to Help Kids – Young people can make a difference. Encourage them to get involved through fundraising events like car washes, bake sales, soccer tournaments, wristband sales, and crafts fairs. Again, we can help with donation or registration pages.

Dress Down Day-  A simple and low-cost idea is to initiate a “casual for a cause” day at your place of employment or your children’s private school.  Colleagues or students may dress any way they like for a day in return for a donation to Hope for Gus.  Maybe your employer would match the funds raised or ask them to add Hope for Gus as an approved charity for the company!

Place of Employment -Ask your employer about “gift matching.” Many businesses/ corporations will match any donation that is made to a 501 (c) 3 from employees in the office.  It’s like DOUBLING your donation, and it typically only requires you to fill out a 1-pg form.

Basket and/or Item Donations-  We are always in need of themed baskets of gift item donations for our silent auctions at events. Some popular baskets include:  Movie Night, Spa Basket, Kitchen Basket, Art Basket etc…..options are endless!! Item donations ideas include: Ipods, bikes, cameras, artwork, gift certificates, event tickets…you could team up with friends or family members for an effective, inexpensive way to support Hope for Gus.  If interested, email Tonya at  and we can arrange pick-up!